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First meeting of the Working Group on implementation of environmental (green) investment projects took place on 12 July 16.07.2012

A Working Group on implementation of environmental (green) investment projects (hereafter the Working Group/WG) was established by the State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine (hereafter the SEIAU) in keeping with the instructions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 02.06.2012 № 22339/1/1-12.

The first meeting of the Working Group chaired by Mr. Vladyslav Iakubovskyi, Head of SEIAU and the Working Group, took place on 12 July.

After approval of agenda the participants discussed organizational matters concerning the composition and Statute of the Working Group, approved by the SEIAU’s order of 09.07.2012 № 137, considered its main purpose and objectives.

The Working Group Chairman invited the members to submit to the SEIAU within a week comments and suggestions (if any), recommended the WG members to personally take part in the meetings for the speedy consideration and resolving of issues relating to the implementation of GIS projects.

Mr. Vladyslav Iakubovskyi briefed the WG members on planned workshops in regions to prepare projects for design institutes to be organized by the State Enterprise "Derzhekoinvest." "The workshops are supposed to develop a program to review the projects as well as a single form for thermal insulation projects" - he said.

The Working Group discussed the issue of assured project allocation during the selection process for local authorities who allocate funds for development of project estimates, the issue of forming a portfolio of GIS projects for the next year, to include pre-bid projects, for their approval under new contracts of sale of Assigned Amount Units (AAUs), and the issue of improvement of all procedures to review and approve GIS projects.

Mr. Viktor Yermakov, Head of Directorate of Green Investment Scheme and Market Development noted the willingness to form by March 2013 a portfolio of GIS projects in various regions of Ukraine and to offer it for approval to prospective contractors, given the signing of new AAUs sale contracts.

During the WG meeting representatives of Regional State Administrations (hereafter RSA) heard Mr. M.Koblya, General Director of State Enterprise "Derzhekoinvest", who presented its main objectives.


The RSA representatives, in particular Mr. S.Tretyakov, articulated the need to accelerate the completion by mid next week and signing of commission agreements, and to put high priority on projects for educational facilities in connection with the beginning of a school year.


The WG Chairman Mr. Vladyslav Iakubovskyi offered that each RSA prioritize projects within the week and establish relevant working groups in the regions under the leadership of the Working Group members in order to successfully implement GIS projects.


At the end of the meeting the Working Group heard Ms. Iryna Trofimova, Head of SEIAU’s Strategic Planning Division, who asked for assistance in carrying out regional seminars in July and August 2012 to develop proposals to the National Plan, taking into account regional characteristics, and to work out recommendations for local authorities regarding regional action plans on adaptation to climate change.


Whereafter it was decided to instruct the representatives of regional administrations to take part in the seminars and prepare from 2 to 3 statements regarding the manifestation of global climate change and its implications in their regions.


On the whole, all WG members supported the need to continue regular Working Group meetings and expressed their readiness to contribute to sooner implementation of green investment projects in the regions.


Thus, the process of actual implementation of GIS projects has been started as of today,  valuable experience gained this year will serve as the basis for their implementation in the future, and their results will have great social importance for the people all over Ukraine.


Kathrine Kravchenko

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